Family Caregiving: Why Less Is More, And How To Safely Provide For A Loved One

Posted on Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

When it comes to caring for an elderly loved one, family members and close friends are often the first to provide their energy and resources to ensure that he/she is properly taken care of. But just how realistic can it be for working adults who probably have a job and a family of their own to also take care of someone who may need continual supervision?

A-1 Home Care Agency is the leading senior services agency in the Orange County and Los Angeles regions, providing long-term care options for older loved ones who might otherwise unintentionally be spreading their family caretakers thin. In fact, clinical observational studies along with empirical research has uncovered evidence that caregiving offered to seniors by unprofessional hands– no matter how genuine the caretaker’s intentions are– can cause more harm than good for both parties.

The reason for this is that such caregiving services, especially when it’s around-the-clock home care, are indicative of a “chronic stress experience” for non-professionals because they manifest physical and psychological strain for the person(s) responsible of care. Also, such untrained elder care accommodations are frequently met head on with varying levels of unpredictability and uncontrollability from the patient, particularly if he/she is suffering from a progressive mental disease like dementia. This can eventually lead to instances of secondary stress in multiple life domains for both the patient and the caregiver, as the caregiver in question is not ready for the high level of constant vigilant supervision and hands-on care that is necessary for providing successful senior services to their loved one over time.

But A-1 Home Care’s professional home helpers and nurse aids are licensed and fully trained to be ready for any of the obstacles a struggling senior might face in day-to-day life. This allows the patient to feel confident that he/she is receiving the best care while close friends and relatives experience freedom from having to go through those stressful caregiving responsibilities, all at a minimal cost.

For more information about why professional at-home caregivers like those at A-1 Home Care are the best solution to providing consistent care for your senior loved one, call 562-929-8400 today and ask about the potential caregiving opportunities that might be available to you. With offices in Beverly Hills, Irvine, Anaheim Hills, Seal Beach, and Fullerton, A-1 Home Care reaches out to communities across the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

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